Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Death Spell 5 Skeletal Pirate

Hello! its that time again! That magical time when Mike reviews another card!!! :D

85% Accuracy, 430-510 damage. Five pips. Yeah. This spell rocks. It is one of my favorite spells ever. Now i know your thinking, well, why would it be? when wraith on average does more damage? AND it heals you? Well there are several.

The first and foremost, is the level you learn it at. You get this spell at lvl 22. The damage is significantly better then vampire. Sure, it does not heal you, But you already have a spell for that. At that lvl you need pure damage. Now around this lvl, you would be just finishing up Krock, if not done it already. Now the average mob at the endish of Krock, has around 400 health.

With a deathblade,

With a death trap.

And the guys at the beginning of marlybone has around 600. Now this is not a big leap hp wise.

With a deathblade,

With a death trap.

Resist, but 7 out of ten mobs are likely to be death so this will be a common problem, But do not fear! Prisim is here! you will haved learned that already at lvl 12 :)

So death trap, AND prisim,

I keep two of thees guys in my deck and use them more then you would think.

Now the wraith spell(we will be going over that next) does a solid 500 damage, and heals you half. Now this is an epic card for us necromancers, and skeletal pirate damage wise does around the same. And you get it 20 lvl earlyr!

Besides that, my brother(Joshua. read my profile) loves this spell. He laughs and smiles evry time the silly pirate with no shirt destroys some unsuspecting samoori. (Half were his words not mine)

But all in all skeletal pirate is an epic spell and with the right traps and blades. it can easy do around 3000 damage. AT LVL 22! :D

(ok well you need A LOT of traps and blades, so prob not at lvl 22, but it was still fun to say)

Ya know i think he would look pretty snazy with a T-shirt


Monday, November 8, 2010

Raffle winners!

The moment you'v all been waiting for.

So i headed over to random.org

I'm gonna cut right to the winners, and not make ya wait half the post. So,

The winner of the birthday snack pack code is......


I will be sending the code shortly. Thanks for entering. Who knows i might have a raffle another time :)

Also, skeletal pirate will be posted very soon.


Saturday, November 6, 2010



The raffle is now closed. Results will be up soon good luck!


Hey so i was hanging out at barns and nobles irl and picked up this magizine. And i saw that if gives you a free Birthday snack pack. Well i'm not one for pet stuff, so i thought i would give it to one lucky reader I: so just leave your e-mail or central name and you will be entered. GOOD LUCK!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fellow wizards. I'm sorry i have not posted for awhile now. My life has been busy lately, with school starting up again, after school activities, i'm lucky just to get on wizards at all each day. Apart from that, celestial has also came out, so i have been playing that when possible. I am hoping to get more posts in. Maybe bye weekly? But I will try me best to get more posts in. So this can be on of those blogs that you check every now and then, see if there's a new post.

So you can fallow friendly daily, ravenwood radio weekly, but i'm not sure how often i will be able to get my posts in. :( But I will try my best to post as often as i can.



Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Dear readers,

I will be on vacation for the next several weeks, so the next post will be on Tuesday August 24th (Skeletal Pirate).



Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Death spell 4. Vampire.

It has been one month since this blog started. (yay hooray:) That means it's the fourth week, and that means it's the fourth spell!!

Vampire. The one and only. Perhaps the most awesomeness spell in the history of lvl sixteen death spells. This spell is a hard spell to earn, since you're used to receiving better and better death spells just about every 3 lvls. After Banshee you have to wait six lvls to be able to learn Vampire. Now because sixteen is a mid low lvl, you lvl much faster, so it is really not all that bad.
The spell (as the card above states) does 350 damage to the opponent. And like the ghoul, it also heals half the damage dealt. I use the vampire spell for a variety of things in wizard1o1.
I use it to help out friends in just about all the worlds. So if i have a friend in Moo Shu fighting, then the vampire spell can greatly aid him. And like all spells, a basic deathblade boosts it a ton, and often gives it that extra edge that you need. And a death trap help you quite a lot as well.

I also use Vampire for myself. Lets say I am farming a boss in Marlybone, like Nails O'Leary. A Vampire spell with a deathblade (and my lvl 50 gear doesn't hurt either) Will severely injure, or kill him. But remember kids, a feint comes in handy when your fighting a boss with more then 562 health :)
Also, this spell helps me even in the higher worlds, unlike the other cards I have gone over. I could be fighting some random mob monster in Dragonspyre for a quest, and don't want to save up pips for a wraith or scarecrow. A feint, deathblade and Vampire is all you need. You could also improvise with like say, a curse and deathtrap, or balenceblade and hex. It also heals you (in some situations) all the damage you have taken.

So let's review. Good card for lower worlds. Good card for low mid worlds. Good card for high-ish worlds. And remember, with a couple of good traps and blades this card can do more damage then wraith :) (and that's sayin' something)

Viva wizard101!!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Death spell 3. Banshee.

The third week, the third spell, BANSHEE!

A little out of focus, and a bit small, but this picture suits the banshee well. There are so many different things a banshee could look like. (You know with being a mythological creature and stuff.) I think Kingsisle did a good job on that.Just look at the Kraken. There are soooo many different things that it looks like in different games and movies. It could look like a giant squid, or like in clash of the titans, a giant cloud of darkness. But in wizard101, i think it came out looking just right.

Now, about that Banshee.... It is a good solid damaging card, and does not take much pips. Although it does not heal you, it is a very good card for lower lvls, especially in Krock. Most of the mob monsters there have about 250 health. So the banshee(most of the time) will kill them in one shot.

But sometimes it will come just short of that.

So you need a death blade to finish him off.

Unlike the last couple cards, this card IS a pretty useless card in the higher lvls. It takes too many pips to be a good finishing move, is not damaging enough to use for a good damaging card in say, Moo Shu, so i find absolutely no purpose of this card in the higher lvls, except one. I keep one Banshee card in my deck for one reason, and one reason alone. To help out my friends in the lower lvl world's like Krock. Now don't get me wrong, Banshee is a great card if your in the lower lvls, but for those of us over lvl 30,I don't find much use for it.

Next post will be a good one, Vampire!