Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Death Spell 5 Skeletal Pirate

Hello! its that time again! That magical time when Mike reviews another card!!! :D

85% Accuracy, 430-510 damage. Five pips. Yeah. This spell rocks. It is one of my favorite spells ever. Now i know your thinking, well, why would it be? when wraith on average does more damage? AND it heals you? Well there are several.

The first and foremost, is the level you learn it at. You get this spell at lvl 22. The damage is significantly better then vampire. Sure, it does not heal you, But you already have a spell for that. At that lvl you need pure damage. Now around this lvl, you would be just finishing up Krock, if not done it already. Now the average mob at the endish of Krock, has around 400 health.

With a deathblade,

With a death trap.

And the guys at the beginning of marlybone has around 600. Now this is not a big leap hp wise.

With a deathblade,

With a death trap.

Resist, but 7 out of ten mobs are likely to be death so this will be a common problem, But do not fear! Prisim is here! you will haved learned that already at lvl 12 :)

So death trap, AND prisim,

I keep two of thees guys in my deck and use them more then you would think.

Now the wraith spell(we will be going over that next) does a solid 500 damage, and heals you half. Now this is an epic card for us necromancers, and skeletal pirate damage wise does around the same. And you get it 20 lvl earlyr!

Besides that, my brother(Joshua. read my profile) loves this spell. He laughs and smiles evry time the silly pirate with no shirt destroys some unsuspecting samoori. (Half were his words not mine)

But all in all skeletal pirate is an epic spell and with the right traps and blades. it can easy do around 3000 damage. AT LVL 22! :D

(ok well you need A LOT of traps and blades, so prob not at lvl 22, but it was still fun to say)

Ya know i think he would look pretty snazy with a T-shirt



Xinaed said...

Haha, t-shirt. Made me laugh. Just got Poisen on my Death character for completing the Krokosphynx. Love this spell! But Pirate is definitely on my top 5 loved spell list.

Blaze Deathcaster said...

Thanks for the spell review! Of course we all do it slightly differently, so here's my 2 cents.

I gave up my pirate after getting wraith and focus on wraiths and scarecrows in an all-drain approach. I just found myself having to heal too much after using the pirate in Dragonspyre...but then I don't shield much on my necromnacer so that's a factor too. I do like the spell animation though and as you pointed out, it really is a great spell in the mid-game...effective and a crowd pleaser.

On a separate note, that's got to be the wildest deck I've ever seen, assuming you're using it for questing and not PvP. I think we must take completely opposite approaches since even my Celestia deck is only 2 to 2 1/2 rows.

Thanks again for the great post. It was very well done.

Mike said...




Thanks for saying your opinion. I agree that is is a better card at the lower lvls then higher, but when i have full health cuse it does around the same as wraith, i do it for pure enjoyment sometimes :)

Also about the deck, lol not sure what to say. The only thing i can say is that different people have different play styles, i discard A LOT to find what i want, but in different situations i use all of the cards in my deck. I also have reshuffle so that i NEVER run out of cards. And with more cards, i am less predictable. :)

Glad you liked it :D

Elijah Light Thief said...

you going to do more death spell reviews? I like your reviews! :)